The Authenticity Report 2015

FH_GlobExecSum_MapLepere Analytics’ latest study for FleishmanHillard, reveals the gap between people’s expectations and their actual experience of more than 570 companies in US, Canada, UK, Germany and Japan.

Expectations of management on the rise

In the past investors and regulators held company management to account; today’s consumers have enough sway to do the same. Expectations of Management Behaviours (doing right, consistent performance, credible communications) are on the rise in every country.

Consumers downgrading expectations of innovation in exchange for better value

Globally audiences have lowered their expectations of the drivers related to Customer Benefits (innovation, better value, customer care). But expectations are also shifting within this group of drivers. Across the globe, consumers are switching their previous very high expectations of innovation and replacing them with new demands on better value and customer care.

Companies must act on shared societal values

People are increasingly looking beyond government to companies and organisations to help solve the world’s problems. Expectations of Society Outcomes (employee care, community impact, care of the environment) are going up vs. last year.