TAPE Consultancy partners with Lepere Analytics

London-based content research specialists TAPE Consultancy Ltd. are excited to announce a partnership with Lepere Analytics to help develop and roll out Lepere’s revolutionary Brand Matching tool with international broadcast partners.

The advertising sales tool provides wider opportunities for brands to explore and benefit from sponsorship relationships within a broader mix of programme content to maximise value for both broadcaster and brand owner. The tool uses a nine driver framework to identify Programme Footprints, based on extensive independent surveys of viewers. The same framework is used to measure brand needs and opportunities enabling the right programme-brand match to be made.

At TAPE we help our clients make informed choices about which programmes they acquire or develop. It was immediately clear to us that many of the components we have identified over 30 years of specialising in viewer engagement and commitment were also reflected in the drivers identified; at the same time we were also fascinated to see how the same drivers were being mirrored in Lepere’s brand work with Omnicom.

The concept of using this framework as a new way of developing commercial opportunities for direct brand involvement with programming, and new funding opportunities for content, was something that we felt could offer real value for our clients.

In a world where new platforms, heightened competition and an explosion of non-linear viewing is requiring new and more effective advertiser funding models, if broadcasters are to continue to deliver the volume of appealing, entertaining and high-quality programme content that we are currently enjoying, we think that Brand Matching represents a smart and inventive way forward.

The ad-funded model has achieved some notable successes over the years, but it isn’t the answer in all cases. Brand Matching offers more flexibility, and also clearer benefits for both the advertiser and the content in terms of the associations created, and we look forward to working with Lepere Analytics to help roll out this impressive tool around the world.

John Peek is a Director of TAPE Consultancy