Revolutionising the assessment of business impact The External Rate of Return is an inclusive and transparent platform for measuring the overall social, environmental and economic impact of business activities

Marc Lepere, Chairman & CEO of Lepere Analytics is a founding member of the External Rate of Return (ERR) team at King’s College London. The ERR team is establishing a Centre of Excellence which will harness King’s world leading academic excellence across academic arenas including the Business School, Department of International Development, Policy Institute, Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences, the Law School and the Department of Geography. The multi-disciplinary team will scope which indicators and metrics best measure the impact of core business activities and test their effectiveness across different sectors.

A Lepere Analytics study in 2017 finds that Chinese companies offer an alternative view of stakeholders to the shareholder-dominated view that predominates in the West. As part of the ERR this study will be developed to focus on the Benefits of Stakeholding (BoS). BoS helps to reframe the core objective of business from maximising shareholder profits to maximising stakeholder value, to include other stakeholders more equally and fairly in the benefits of growth and opportunity.