Authenticity in an Uncertain WorldWorld’s leading companies failing to meet expectations

FH_GlobExecSum_Map Nearly 300 companies in Global Study all show a clear gap between what consumers expect and what they actually experience with the world’s best-known brands.

Companies are expected to reach beyond isolationism

When governments create policies that support isolationism, almost two-thirds of consumers around the world expect companies to take a lead in driving the interchange of ideas, products and even culture.

Company employees three times more credible than CEOs

Consumers are three times more likely to trust a company employee rather than its CEO when it comes to sorting out fact from fiction about a brand. The expectation for credible corporate communications on average ranks at the bottom of consumer expectations across all countries.

Companies are expected to go beyond mandated behaviours

Globally, 74 percent of consumers believe companies should go beyond mandated regulations. That belief is highest in China (80 percent), compared to countries like Canada (70 percent) and the United Kingdom (71 percent). How executives behave and how the company impacts society account for nearly half of what makes up our perceptions and beliefs about a company – well beyond simply their products.